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What is the story of Khatoon part 20?

The story of the series Khatoon part 20 begins in 1320, and the story revolves around a character named “Khatoon,” played by Negar Javaherian. The character’s wife, Shirzad Malek, played by Ashkan Khatibi, is a military figure. Khatoon is upset by the army’s performance against the Allied occupation of Iran in World War II. In the continuation of the series, things happen, and the situation of the leading family of the story changes during this period.

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Mehran Modiri plays the role of “Jahangir Roozbeh,” the uncle of “Khatoon.” This character, a wealthy businessman who lives in a hotel, is one of the positive characters of the series and has a humorous and friendly personality. Jahangir Roozbeh, who is introduced as the “Uncle John of England,” the feeling of “Khatoon,” is related to the British and the Russians. Still, he is not a spy, and, incidentally, he is considered a patriot to some extent. Mehran Modiri has never acted in a historical series, and appearing in “Khatoon” is a new experience in his career. In addition, the role that the director has played in the series has different characteristics than other roles he has played so far.

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