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Jeyran, written and directed by Hassan Fathi and produced by Ismail Afifa, is an Iranian home show of 1400. The story of the Jeyran series has a historical love story that tells the story of the wife of Naser al-Din Shah, who gets involved in a love affair and decides the fate of a different path for them. The filming of Jeeran’s home theater series took place in Tehran, and its location was in the final part of Golpayegan, which lasted for eight months. The actors of the Jeyran Fathi series are composed of prominent artists such as Prinz Izdiar and Bahram Radan, and Ghazal Shakeri, who, of course, recently appeared in “Island TV.” The time of broadcasting and downloading the Jeeran series on the home theater network has been announced since the fall, and you can watch this series in your Iranian film. The Iranian series, Jeyran part 6 can be one of the new successful serials in 1400, bringing many viewers to watch Jeyran on the home theater network. The broadcast of episode 6 of the series “Jeeran Hassan Fathi” will be confirmed on March 27. The download of the serial Jeyran episode 6, will be broadcasted with a full direct link and excellent low-volume quality with semi-free internet from Gem Tv website.

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Free watch is available for US and Germany and other countries. The neighbor of the series is Hassan Fathi, who is said to have a romantic adventure with a touch of historical drama, and experienced theater actors are present in it. Amir Hossein Fathi is present in this series as a new face of cinema, who was previously known for the Shahrzad series and presented a good play. Ghazal Shakeri in the series is experiencing their fourth experience of playing in a home drama series, and he had previously acted in the “Download Khatoon” series. Rana Azadivar plays the role of Nasser al-Din Shah’s second wife in the series, and critics praised her for her role in the series Zakhm Kari. Criticism of the Jeeran series will soon be published exclusively by examining the various dimensions of this serial from your Iranian film site, and you can read the full critique of this Iranian serial. Watching the Jeeran series online will start from the winter season, and the full download of the 6th episode of the Jeeran series with free half-price traffic will be presented in a home show by your Iranian film. The airing time of Hassan Fathi’s Jeeran series in the first episode of the home show is from the fall of 1400. In 1399, Fathi made his last film called “Drunk with Love,” starring Shahab Hosseini and “Shahrzad” with controversial margins. Shahab Hosseini was supposed to appear in the TV series Jeeran, but he stopped working with Hassan Fathi in Jeeran due to making the TV series Mast Eshgh in Farsiland. The number of episodes of the Jeeran series is 20, which is for the first season, and the number of episodes of the second season of the this series is also unknown.

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