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Khatoon Series and everything you need to know about it

Female directors in Iran have gained a more prominent presence in the field of theater in recent years just because of Serial Khatoon Part 23, and now this time, we are going to see for the first time the broadcast of a new series directed by one of the Iranian female filmmakers on the home theater network.

This is the new work of the Khatoon series directed by Tina Pakravan, a historical series whose production began last year in news silence, and there is nothing left to start broadcasting.

Many famous actors such as Negar Javaherian, Ashkan Khatibi, Mehran Modiri, Shabnam Moghaddami, Behnaz Jafari, Setareh Pesyani, Reza Behboodi, and Farrokh Nemati have played roles in the Khatoon series.

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Khatoon Part 23

Khatoon part 23 is a story about a family that began in September 1941 and changed the Allied occupation of Iran.

The primary role, the woman from whom the series takes its name, is played by Negar Javaherian.

The Khatoon series will soon be broadcast exclusively on the Nemava platform, and its official page on Instagram is available through this link.

Khatoon is Tina Pakravan’s first experience in serial production, and she has also written and produced this work.

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Amazing series with excellent actor/actress and wonderful music. well done IRAN.


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