Jeyran Part 24

پخش سریال جیران به دلیل اختلافات بین کارگردان و عوامل، فعلا متوقف شده‌ است. به محض پخش، قسمت 24 را همین جا قرار میدهیم

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Genre: Jeyran



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at 11:55 pm

it was good series , but sorry this is
happening on most iranian movies or series always??!! thanks .


at 5:56 pm

It is so disappointing to realize that the movie or series that you are following and love to be canceled. The director of Jeyran is brilliant and so smart. I believe it is not right and not fare it is
so unfair to director and others as well . So sad to find out that Jeyran will not be show anymore.


at 11:53 pm

Will episode 24 ever come


at 1:56 pm

This happen with most Iranian series. Very unprofessional. Director should think of these issues before hand.


at 9:13 pm



at 1:53 pm

Do you think it will ever be show again?


at 8:51 pm

I love this series, yet i wish I could see one part of it iweek!

Nahid Noorani

at 12:37 pm

سلام با عرض تشكر از اطلاع شما و بسيار جاي تاسف أست كه يك سريال و فيلم كه مورد بسند مردم بايد كنسل شود واقعا كاركردان سريال بسيار با هوش أست اميدوارم كه هر جه زودتر مشكل حل شود بسيار سريال اموزنده و عالي أست . Gem Tv هم خيلي خوب أست وًمرتب با ارزوي بهترين ها


at 7:04 pm

اختلاف اونا چه ربطی به فیلم داره که فیلمو پخش نمیکنیننننننن


at 12:02 pm

I cannot play this episode in here. Somethings wrong please help and fix it.

soraya zabih

at 12:46 am

well-made series, good job